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LEM Motorcycle Parts at BC Racing

Carb 1 Carburetors
We carry all main jets, pilot jets, needles, and slides, and gasket kits to fine tune your bike. 21mm carbs are also available.
Brake Shoes Clutch Shoes
The new red shoes are the only way to go. The diagnal lines on these shoes prevent the clutch basket from wearing unevenly.
Clutchs Clutches
View Clutch #2 | View Clutch #3 | View Clutch #4 | View Clutch #5
Clutch Fixture The clutch fixture is a must for adjusting the adjustable clutch as shown. Call for more info!
This is the clutch that can be adjusted with this tool.
Tomar Clutch Tomar Clutch
The Tomar Clutch is awesome. They require very little maintenance. Call us to get one of these bad boys in your bike!

View Separate Tomar Clutch Pieces
Tomar Clutch Disc Tomar Clutch Discs
These clutch discs are super durable. They will outlast the competition.
Crank Kits Crank Kits
We rebuilt cranks and we have complete new ones. We also repair damaged threads. Call us!
Cylinder Cylinders
BC Racing can do a cylinder cleanup for crisper throttle response. New cylinders are available too.
Fork Tools Fork Tools
Made in house to your specification.
Gaskets Gaskets
These keep your engine from leaking oil!
Oil Caps Oil Caps
These are very trick, look awesome, and are practically indestructible.
Piston Kits Piston Kits
Single and double ringed piston kits available for all Morini engines.
Reeds and Reed Cages Reeds and Reed Cages

I have aftermarket reed pedals available. Call us!
Rod Kit Rod Kit

We got 'em if you need 'em.
Special Tools Special Tools
We can custom make any tool to your specifications. Call us!