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Motor Work by BC Racing

We can make your stock bike into a finely tuned winning machine that will have your competition afraid just to sit next to you on the gate. With our performance work, you'll get that crisp, raw power you need to beat your competition out of the corners and hit the huge jumps they are too afraid to try.

We do the following modifications:

  • Head Work
    We can mill the head to increase torque and polish the dome area to keep carbon from building up.

  • Cylinder Porting and Polishing
    When we port and polish your cylinder you will get increased power and longevity out of your piston and rings.

  • Clutch Modifications
    Call us for more information about what our clutch mods can do for you.

  • Carb Modifications
    We can bore your little carb out to be a big one.

  • Clutch Service for all new S6 LEM motors
    Call us for more information to learn about this special service.

  • Crankshafts (rebuilds)
    We can rebuild your damaged crank or retrue a crank to make your bike run smoother and have less vibration. Call us to find out about your new cranks we have in stock.

  • Blueprint Motors
    We will match all the ports to the cases and lap the inner cases for a motor that will rip up the competition (We offer big bores for the 50's).

  • Suspension Work (Service and Revalves)
    With our suspension work you will feel confident in the knarliest whoops, craziest braking bumps, and while landing from the biggest jumps

    Be sure to check out the new progressive coil sping for the Paioli shock. Call us for more information.

Call us today at (314) 835-8363 so you can have that extra edge.

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